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Semantic Web Days 2005 which took place in Munich in October offered a forum for innovative companies and research institutions with the strong desire to accelerate the uptake of Semantic Web technologies. A major goal of the two-day conference was to present the latest Semantic Web technologies which are very promising or already in use.

The international conference with attendees from all over Europe, was organised by the EU Network of Excellence REWERSE in cooperation with the EU Network of Excellence Knowledge Web.

One of the central questions of the two days focused on the degree of maturity of the technologies i.e. Ontology, Reasoning, Business rules, facing real needs in industry i.e. data, services and business automated integration. The message, which was also discernable in the concluding panel discussion, was that procedures to describe semantic coherences presently mainly exist in the form of pilot studies, but so far hardly in major industrial projects. But although only a limited number of projects are so far realized with Semantic Web technologies, the power of the Semantic Web approach as well as the need for catch-up became obvious at the Semantic Web Days.

The far more than 100 participants at the Semantic Web Days showed no doubt that there is high potential for the application and already convincing pre-deployed applications of Semantic Web technologies.

Invited Speakers

Ivan Herman, W3C Head of Offices

Hermann Friedrich, Siemens AG, Corporate Technology

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