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Racer Systems GmbH & Co. KG is the commercial home of the RacerPro software. We develop RacerPro as well as RacerPro-based solutions and offer our expertise about description logic and knowledge representation to benefit your projects.

moresophy supports companies in obtaining competitive and cost advantages through the optimization of information quality. By use of our software-based methodology L4 Semantic NetWorking moresophy qualifies existing knowledge resources by establishing meaningful information links in the context of organization-specific goals and processes.

Semtation GmbH provides a software tool named SemTalk for Business Process Modelling as well as Knowledge Management. SemTalk is a unique combination of the easy-to-use drawing tool Visio from Microsoft and new technologies from research areas such as "Semantic Web". Customized versions of SemTalk are used and distributed by The Information Management Group (BPM), Network Inference Ltd (Semantic Web) and Dt. Telekom (E-Government). A graphical tool for product configuration using SAP Internet Pricing Configurator has been built with Integrity GmbH. The main focus of SemTalk is company wide, distributed information management, based on recommendations of the W3C.


As leading provider of SemanticWeb technologies ontoprise offers innovative and industry-proven software solutions based on ontologies. ontoprise's products support users in searching information, they enable companies to capture and re-use expert knowledge and they allow the semantic integration of heterogeneous data to get a single view over distributed information.

Founded in 1989, TXT e-solutions S.p.A. operates in the Information Technology market, focusing on business applications and specialising in the development of software solutions for the extended Value Chain, including the areas of Supply Chain and Customer Management. The company, that is ISO9000 certified since 1994, at present has its headquarters in Milan and offices in Rome, Genoa, Turin, Bari, London, Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Frankfurt, Barcelona and Cambridge MA, employs more than 450 highly qualified technicians and managers, and is listed on the Nuovo Mercato (TXTS).

empolis is a software company specialised in content management, knowledge management and information access management. Knowledge based technologies form the basis for empolis' products. empolis is an arvato AG subsidiary, an international media service company and part of Bertelsmann AG. empolis employs 250 people in Germany and international divisions. Within the European research project SEKT (Semantic Knowledge Technologies) empolis provides the base technology for the SEKT Integration Platform.

IntraFind is an expert for Text Mining and Knowledge Retrieval. Searching, finding, processing of information with intelligent methods and procedures by a combination from linguistic and associative semantic methods and latest information theoretical procedures are our core competences.

LibRT supports enterprise clients and software vendors with products and services targeted at effective knowledge management in business applications. Based in the Netherlands, LibRT does business throughout Europe and North America with a network of partners providing complementary technologies, services, and delivery channels. Among the company's innovative products and designs is LibRT VALENS, the industry's first independent product targeted at verifying and validating business rules created in third-party business rules management systems.

Lixto Software GmbH is a privately owned company located in Vienna, Austria. We are a spin-off from the Vienna University of Technology and the EC3 Electronic Commerce Competence Centre. Lixto Software GmbH provides solutions for automatically accessing, transforming, and syndicating data from the deep Web.

The DBAI (database and artificial intelligence) group of the Vienna University of Technology is headed by Prof. Georg Gottlob. The group is well known for excellent scientific work in the areas of semi-structured data tools, web information processing, database theory and applications, logic and computation, model-based diagnosis and configuration, constraint solving and intelligent scheduling. Moreover, it induced the implementation of the Lixto Suite and the spin-off company Lixto, which still closely cooperates with the DBAI research group, and was among the top 5 finalists of the World Technology Award 2003. Ongoing research in this project includes extraction from unstructured data, semantic extraction based on ontologies, techniques for supervised wrapper generation, automated data extraction, and query induction and wrapper learning for web information extraction.

L3S Research Center, Hannover

The L3S Research Center focuses on innovative information systems, on learning and knowledge technologies and on innovative concepts and infrastructures for training and continuing education in academia and industry. L3S projects include research, consulting, and technology transfer, provision of infrastructure and support for innovative teaching and learning technologies at the participating universities, and collaboration with both German and international standardization bodies. These activities as well as the increasing number of network partners from regional businesses and industry make the L3S an important factor for information and communication technologies in the region and in Lower Saxony.

Biotechnological Centre (BIOTEC),
TU Dresden

The bioinformatics group at TU Dresden is located within the Biotechnological center (Biotec).  The Biotec is a unique interdisciplinary center hosting international research groups dedicated to genomics, proteomics, biophysics, cellular machines, tissue engineering and bioinformatics. Currently there are some 100 researchers from over ten different countries. The academic groups are under one roof with biotec companies including Cenix Bioscience GmbH, one of the world-leaders and pioneers in RNA-mediated interference technology. The center hosts the fully accredited international masters programme in molecular bio-engineering, which brings classical biology and engineering together.

Knowledge Web (KW) is a 4 year Network of Excellence project funded by the European Commission 6th Framework Programme. Knowledge Web began on January 1st, 2004. Supporting the transition process of Ontology technology from Academia to Industry is the main and major goal of Knowledge Web. The Knowledge Web consortium is coordinated by the University of Innsbruck, Austria and consists of 18 leading partners in Semantic Web, Multimedia, Human Language Technology, Workflow and Agents. Knowledge Web is a member of the SDK project cluster, which seeks to strengthen European research and industry in Semantic Web technologies.

REWERSE is a Network of Excellence on "Reasoning on the Web" that is funded by the EU Commission and Switzerland within the 6th Framework Programme (FP6). REWERSE involves 27 European research and industry organisations from 14 European countries and about 100 computer science researchers and professionals playing key roles in applied reasoning. REWERSE aims at providing tangible technological bases for an industrial software development of advanced Web System and applications.

XML Clearinghouse is a project funded by the German Federal Department for Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, BMBF). The project facilitates knowledge transfer related to XML technologies with a primary focus on supporting local industry in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. The benefits of our service are widely accessible through the online publication of technical reports, training materials and other documents, as well as the hosting of regular public events such as tutorials, workshops and conferences relating to XML technologies.
The project is lead by the Working Group for Networked Information Systems at the Free University of Berlin.


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