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Semantic Web Days @ I-Semantics 2007



Semantic Web Days @ I-Semantics 2007



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About the I-Semantics

I-SEMANTICS 2007 (former SEMANTICS) offered a forum of exchange for innovative businesses and European research institutions and companies that concentrate on semantic technologies.

Beginning in 2007, I-SEMANTICS was complemented by I-KNOW and I-MEDIA under the TRIPLE-I Conference Series. This extension reflects the increasing importance and convergence of knowledge management, new media technologies and semantic systems. The convergence lets participants of all three conferences benefit from the synergies of these events, in particular from the presence of a range of different yet related perspectives at the same time and place. I-SEMANTICS, I-KNOW and I-MEDIA will continue to take place in Graz, the capital of Styria in the south of Austria.

About the Semantic Web Days

The Semantic Web Days offered a forum for innovative companies and research institutions with the strong desire to accelerate the uptake of Semantic Web technologies. The first Semantic Web Days 2005 took place in Munich, Germany. In 2007 the Semantic Web Days were associated with the European Business Rules Conference (18-20 June in Düsseldorf, Germany) and the I-Semantics (5-7 September in Graz, Austria).

The focus of the Semantic Web Days @ I-Semantics lied on Reasoning and Deduction Systems on the (social) Semantic Web.

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