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As a leading provider of Semantic Web technologies ontoprise offers innovative and industry-proven software solutions based on ontologies. Ontoprise's products support users in searching information, they enable companies to capture and re-use expert knowledge and they allow the semantic integration of heterogeneous data to get a single view over distributed information.

Transinsight develops and markets GoPubMed, an ontology-based search engine for the life sciences. In contrast to classical search engines it can answer questions using its background knowledge. This ground-breaking new technology leads to better and faster search results not only for complex queries.

Real-world applications scenarios for semantic technologies used in Business Intelligence (BI) are developed within the Research and Technological Development Project MUSING (MUlti-industry, Semantic-based next generation business IntelliGence), co-funded by the European Commission, within the Sixth Framework Programme, Information Society.
MUSING delivers next-generation knowledge management solutions and services to enable perceptive BI activities, directly at the End-Users premises. MUSING provides semantics-driven BI services for three application areas, all with high social impact: Financial Risk Management, Internationalisation and IT Operational Risk.

REWERSE is a Network of Excellence on "Reasoning on the Web" that is funded by the EU Commission and Switzerland within the 6th Framework Programme (FP6). REWERSE involves 27 European research and industry organisations from 14 European countries and about 100 computer science researchers and professionals playing key roles in applied reasoning. REWERSE aims at providing tangible technological bases for an industrial software development of advanced Web System and applications.

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