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Welcome to the Semantic Web Days portal!

The Semantic Web Days portal emerged from the Semantic Web Days conference 2005 in Munich. Its goal was to inform about the subsequent Semantic Web Days as well as other Semantic Web conferences, news from the community, and the latest research results on Rules and Reasoning on the Web.

The portal was run by the Technology Transfer and Awareness activity group of REWERSE (REasoning on the WEb with Rules and SEmantics).

The European Network REWERSE (Sixth Framework Programme) started in March 2004 and ended in February 2008. The aim was to develop a set of rule-languages supporting various forms of Web reasoning, support tools for reasoning on the Web like rule modelling, verbalization or vizualisation, and the testing of these technologies in various Semantic Web application domains like personalization, reasoning with time and space or with Bioinformatics data.

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